• Ships in 3-5 business days.
  • Ships from one of our 5 warehouses closest to your location.
  • Square dark bronze steel poles only. See table below for the available pole sizes. 
  • Multiple drilling and single tenon options available.
  • Prices shown on the table below do not include freight. We will provide freight information once you fill out the form below and provide the details required.
  • Sold complete with anchor bolts and all hardware. 
  • Download spec sheet to see all details.

Part NumberHeight
Shaft Size
(A x A) (in.)
Base Plate
(E x E) (in.)
Bolt Circle
Anchor Bolts
100 MPH
Weight (lbs.)
PP-QS41011104 X 41110 1/28" to 11"3/4" x 22.5"5.2106Call for Quote
PP-QS41611164 X 41110 1/28" to 11"3/4" x 22.5"5.2126Call for Quote
PP-QS42011204 X 41110 1/28" to 11"3/4" x 22.5"5.2146Call for Quote
PP-QS53007305 X 571110.5 - 12"1" x 33"5.8406Call for Quote

Finish: Powder Coated Dark Bronze.
Pole: Hot Rolled Steel – 46000 psi – ASTMA-500 grade C,
Anchor Base: Hot Rolled Steel,
Anchor Bolts: AASHTO,
Base Cover: Powder Coated Steel or UV Resistant ABS
Fixture Mounting Options:

1 Lamp2 Lamps 180°2 Lamps 90° 3 Lamps 90°4 Lamps 90°2 3/8 TenonPole Cap
DM1DM2180DM290DM390DM490T238Pole Cap

Replacing an existing pole that is damaged or fell.

If the anchor bolts are in tact, first check the bolt pattern and record the bolt circle size. The bolt circle is an imaginary circle that passed through the center of the four anchor bolts. Measure the diagonal distance from the center to center of the two anchor bolts. That is your bolt circle. Based on your pole size (4×4 or 5×5) compare your measurement to the bolt circles shown below for our quick ship poles. Please note the 4×4 square poles and the 5×5 square poles have different bolt circles. You have to match the correct one to your bolt circle.

Anchor Bolt Adapter 

If the bolt pattern is different we can offer you our anchor bolt base adapter. However, this will increase the lead-time.

Please give us a call if you need further information on our anchor bolt adapter.


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